AN ACCUSED murderer has accepted responsibility that he stabbed a man while he slept but has insisted that he has no memory of the crime, a court heard today.

Ben Harvey, of Ridges View, Little London, is accused of killing William Rudiak, 26, who was found dead at a home in Turin Court on June 11, last year.

Adam Feest QC, defending, asked Mr Harvey whether he was responsible for killing Mr Rudiak and attempting to molest a teenage girl on the same day.

Mr Harvey told the jury at Winchester Crown Court today (Friday): “I do accept I that I must have been responsible.”

But when asked whether he had any memory of the incidents, the 22-year-old said: “No I do not.”

The court had previously heard Mr Harvey's father Raymond say his son was under the influence of 'a stronger mix of cocaine' than normal on the night in question.

The court was told that Mr Harvey’s life became difficult when his “drug taking became public knowledge”.

The former Test Valley School pupil said that he first tried cannabis out of curiosity but moved onto cocaine because of the “intense euphoric affect” and the happiness he achieved with cannabis.

Talking about first time he took cocaine in July 2017, Mr Harvey said: “The euphoric effect was like no other, more alert, more talkative, everything was amazing, I was everybody’s friend.”

But taking the drug then became a “force of habit” and he “no longer had control over it” and by June 2018 he was taking it every other day either, at his garage in Enham Alamein or at his home.

Mr Harvey said: “Because of the euphoric effects I just kept going back to it. Constantly on my mind.”

The court heard that on the night before the incidents, he used a new supplier for cocaine and bought 0.6grams of cocaine, spending £60, and went to his garage to take a line.

“It was a very shiny plastic-like appearance, broke into flakes rather than a powder. I observed it was different but didn’t think anything of it at that point,” Mr Harvey said.

“It made me feel not euphoric but heavy, it was doing something, but it wasn’t a euphoric feeling.”

He then took further four lines throughout the evening in a bid to feel his usual sensation and told jurors he did not remember taking three of the lines. Mr Harvey also drank alcohol.

The court was told on that night he searched for “teens in bikinis” online but he has no memory of any reaction to the images.

Mr Harvey is facing charges of murder, trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The trial continues.