AN ADDICT who stabbed a man as he slept may have been in a psychotic state caused by drugs, a court heard.

Ben Harvey, of Ridges View, Little London, is accused of killing William Rudiak, 26, as he lay next to his girlfriend at her home in Turin Court, Andover, on June 11, last year.

The 22-year-old has accepted responsibility for the stabbing and attempting to molest a teenage girl in a separate incident on the same night, but his defence is arguing that his decisions were made on “false beliefs” caused by a mental disorder.

Winchester Crown Court heard today (Monday) from psychiatrist Dr Elliot Rodian-Eva, from HMP Winchester, who carried out an assessment on Mr Harvey just three days after he was charged in June last year.

During the session, Mr Harvey carried out “a number of ritualistic behaviours” including touching and laying on the floor and touching the radiator.

“He said he needed to do this, felt compelled to do it. He said if he didn’t then things would happen,” Dr Rodian-Eva added.

Jurors were told that Mr Harvey had been having hallucinations such as smelling bread, jam and toast when the items were not nearby, and believing people were reading his thoughts before the incidents.

Dr Rodian-Eva concluded that Mr Harvey could have been suffering from drug-induced psychosis, which is a detachment from reality or experiencing a different reality to the norm.

This was agreed by consultant psychiatrist Dr Paul Warren who saw the former Test Valley School pupil in July and then in October, while he was held at Broadmoor Hospital, in Berkshire.

Dr Warren deemed that the psychosis and his ability to form intent would been impaired due to the use of adulterated cocaine.

The court had heard earlier that Mr Harvey had brought cocaine from a new supplier hours before the stabbing and he had had a different reaction to the drug than usual.

Consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr John Sandford, for the prosecution, said that there was “no evidence” that Mr Harvey was suffering from psychosis, but his actions were due to intoxication from cannabis, cocaine and drink.

He told the court that usually people suffering from psychosis would be able to recall their actions from an episode and rarely suffer from amnesia, as Mr Harvey has.

Dr Sandford said: “He [Mr Harvey] was not and is not suffering from a major mental illness,” adding: “This was an organised offence, nothing to suggest that this man was driven by a psychotic drive.”

Mr Harvey is facing charges of murder, trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He denies all charges.

The trial continues.