A MOTHER is speaking out against extreme conditions of damp and mould that results in her and her one-year-old son waking up to puddles on the floor in their home.

Stacey Baitrum, 24, is pleading with housing association Aster to rehouse her and her baby Oliver or compensate them for the destruction caused by the humidity engulfing their Eastfield Lodge flat.

Mould spreading around her property, which she has lived in for eight months, forced her to throw out mattresses, a sofa and the contents of her wardrobes, and she claims it is costing her more than £1,000.

Stacey said: “Me and my son’s bed is damp every night. I wake up to puddles under my bed and around my wires and sockets.

“It’s horrible, it also started affecting the electrics and I did get a shock.

“Aster sent out an electrician but all they told me to do was to hang the wires on the wall away from the puddles.

“My son has slipped in the puddles numerous times. It’s horrible.”

The mother noticed mould “started spreading so quickly” around three months after moving in.

Stacey said since notifying Aster of the issue three months ago, the provider has handled it “poorly” and she has received no apology for her personal belongings being ruined.

She said: “At first they said it was my fault due to me not having my heating on all the time and my windows open at the same time.

“The second time they got some people out to come and clean it. This doesn’t solve the issue.

“They brought a fan round to suck the moisture out of the air. It hasn’t really helped at all.

“It’s costing a fortune in electric and it’s so loud me and my son can’t sleep at night due to everything being in one room.

“This isn’t getting to the root problem.”

Stacey has also been asked to keep a daily record of the humidity levels in the home by the housing group, and cleans the walls “top to bottom” almost every other day to keep the mould at bay.

An Aster spokesperson said: “We’re aware of Miss Baitrum’s concerns and have worked with her over the last few months on ways to avoid mould and condensation in her home by keeping her property heated and well ventilated.

“We provided Miss Baitrum with a dehumidifier and extractor fan to help ventilate the property, and have contributed towards the cost of the electricity.

“We visited again yesterday [Tuesday] and couldn’t see any signs of mould but we are organising for a surveyor to carry out further readings to gain a more accurate picture of any underlying issue.

“We’ll keep in contact with Miss Baitrum whilst this is on-going.”

Stacey however said Aster’s visit to the property earlier this week was after she had cleaned all the walls as per her now-normal schedule.