A FRESH political party which has launched its manifesto promises for May’s election is yet to be approved by the electoral watchdog.

Andover Alliance, which first formulated in July 2018, is not an officially recognised party as it awaits the greenlight from the Electoral Commission.

According to the body, the aspiring party of independents submitted an application within the “last week or so”, and it can take around 30 working days for a decision to be issued.

Party spokesperson David Coole said: “We have had quite a few discussions with the Electoral Commission and as far as we are aware there’s no reasons they don’t approve it.”

Mr Coole, who currently also serves as a councillor at Upper Clatford Parish Council, added that from growing “significant support” across the town for the alliance, it became a “turning point” for forming an official party.

If the grouping fails in its bid to become an official party, Mr Coole said Andover Alliance will still campaign as permitted by the Electoral Commission, but its candidates will be marked ‘Independent’ on ballot papers.

Candidates for the May borough and parish council elections are due to be announced on April 4.