A WEYHILL pub is open for business once again.

The Weyhill Fair closed its doors more than five months ago to the surprise of owners, brewery chain Fullers.

Landlord Mark Lazenby had run the pub for a number of years, but with no further explanation decided to shut up shop.

Now after months of closure, Fullers and a management company have installed a new, but temporary, team to take over the running of the haunt.

Mike Fuller and Shanel Khan came in six weeks ago to take charge the helm on an interim basis while Fullers continues to hunt for a permanent landlord.

Shanel said: “The pub had a nice feel to it, the people are really nice and the pub’s atmosphere is nice.”

And to their surprise a lot of the former regulars have returned to the bar.

Mike said: “It is very difficult to do because people have moved on as they get themselves entrenched and it is difficult to get them back.”

However, the working couple have found that a lot of people believe that the pub is still closed, but to combat this the pair have introduced new offerings to the menu.

“Our busiest day is when we do fish and chips, and have a lunchtime menu which has been pretty good,” Mike added.

The pub also has also employed five part-time members of staff.

At the time of the pub’s closure, Fullers said: “The tenant of The Weyhill Fair has sadly decided to leave and the timing of this has taken us by surprise.

“We are working on finding a new tenant and we will reopen the pub as quickly as possible.”

Mike and Shanel are expected to be at the helm for at least the next six months.