AN OUTDOOR cinema event is set to take place in Whitchurch this summer after town councillors gave the project the green light.

Silent Summer Screenings, a company that hosts community open air cinema nights, is set to stage the event on Thursday, August 1, at the recreation ground at Winchester Street and Alliston Way.

Andrew Morris, founder of Silent Summer Screenings, said: “It’s a way of giving back to the community where people can come and watch a film.

“It’s all done through silent disco headphones. The idea is that we can do it in areas without upsetting any neighbours.

“They are such a laugh. They are really good fun.”

Andrew says the event will commence at 8pm with live music from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

A film, to be announced next month, will then begin at 9.30pm with the evening usually wrapped up by midnight.

“We try to get local musicians and local food trucks in.

“It’s got that community feel where it’s nice and open.”

Town councillors approved the event during a full council meeting on Monday, March 4.

Councillor John Buckley initially proposed an agreement for the organisers to be offsite by midnight and the charging of a fee to be determined.

However, a counter-proposal was passed to stretch that curfew to 1am.

Cllr Buckley then suggested a £500 fee to cover clean-up costs, but his proposal was not seconded.

A final proposal to waive the fee, given that this is the first event of its kind, was later approved by the council.

The council will now respond to the event’s organisers with the plans, ahead of a meeting next month to decide where in the recreation ground to set up the screen.