A TRIO of sisters have called for action to be taken on a “danger zone” in the town centre.

Bev Campbell was shopping on High Street with her sisters, Angela Beetles and Virginia Barnes, on Thursday, March 28, when the trio decided to visit a shop in Shaws Walk.

To their surprise they were met by an elderly woman in a mobility scooter who had become stuck on one of the loose paving slabs along the pathway.

“We got near to Pennies and that’s when it started to go wrong, we were all over the place,” said Bev.

A passer-by came to aid the elderly woman, but the sisters say as they continued to walk, the state of the pavement became worse.

“There were three of us with walking sticks, we were all wobbling along and started tumbling.

“It was like waves and the three of us were wobbling together.

“My sister caught her foot on one of them and we were like dominoes. Luckily she was in the middle and holding onto us so she didn’t go down,” Bev added.

The sisters counted seven loose paving slabs, but said it could possibly have been more that had come out of place.

“There were loads there, it was really dangerous.”

In the hours following the incident, Bev said that she approached Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council, but added neither authority said it had responsibility for the path.

Bev was told that the pathway was owned by budget chain Poundland, which neighbours the alley.

“Someone told us it is Poundland’s problem, they own the pathway and they have said it is all in hand for three or four months,” said Bev.

“What is is going to take before someone falls over.

“If a little kid tumbles on there and gets hurt, something needs to be done about it.”

Following a social media post about the condition of the path, Bev has had people come forward to say that they or someone they know has tripped on the loose paving slabs.

And the sisters are hoping that action can be taken to sort out the path.

The Advertiser approached Poundland about the path but the company did not respond to a request for comment while Test Valley Borough Council confirmed while it did not have responsibility for the path, it was owned by a private party.