A FOUR-year-old boy who died of a brain tumour has been honoured with a play area named after him at one of his favourite places.

Atticus Feduchin-Pate, of Whitchurch, passed away in February having been diagnosed with a rare form of brain tumour last July.

One of the his favourite places to visit had been Finkley Down Farm, in North Way, which he knew ‘like the back of his hand.’

“Finkley was home,” said Atticus’ mum, Emily.

“He used to say, ‘I want to go to the farm and I want to have sausage and chips.’

“It was like being in his own playground. He knew Finkley, he knew exactly where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do. He was so comfortable there.”

Now Atticus’ memory will be forever remembered with Atticus’ Adventure, the park’s brand-new play area, being named in honour of the youngster.

The tribute came about after Emily’s mum contacted farm bosses asking if they would be interested in arranging a memorial.

His family had been hoping for a bench or a tree to be named after Atticus but were delighted when the idea of Atticus’ Adventure was suggested.

“It’s a really big thing for us. A huge legacy,” said Emily.

“It’s obvious that he will never to get to play there, but others will.”

“His sister will. His cousins will,” added Atticus’ dad Blaize.

Atticus died peacefully in his sleep on February 7 with his parents by his side.

Both his mum and dad have been overwhelmed by the support from the community before and after their son’s passing.

Blaize said: “The support and well meaning stuff from people, from his school to people we see in the grocery store, honestly I have been blown away by it.”

“It’s been incredible,” added Emily.

The pair also offered thanks to charities such as Naomi House and Sebastian’s Action Trust, a North Waltham-based charity which offers support to families with terminally ill children.

“Between them and Naomi House I don’t know how we would have got through those last few months,” said Emily.