TORNADOES swept through Spain last week as young and gifted footballers travelled were on the continent.

After months of fundraising, Tidworth Town Football Club Under 14s have competed in the Mediterranean Cup.

Matches took place over four days, with more than 200 teams from 35 countries taking part.

Parent Anna Sharlott said: “My son plays for another team and they get to go away quite frequently and we wanted to give that experience to the local kids of Tidworth.

“We did quite a lot of research into various tournaments and we found one that brings together 35 countries.”

Before they even managed to kick a ball in Spain the whole team worked to cover costs by fundraising.

They also received some generous donations of sponsorship and prizes from businesses local and afar.

Curry and quiz nights, bake sales, weekly forfeited challenges, raffle tickets, football card competitions, and even making jam were fundraising avenues explored for the cause.

The fundraising efforts meant the Black and Red Army raised more than £3,500 to be able to compete.

Anna added: “It was such an amazing experience, everyone was so excited to be going.

“It was a really nice community feel in the build up and everyone pulled together for the children.”

During the tournament, the youngsters were cheered on by family members, who made the trip to show their support.

Anna said: “It was brilliant, I can’t explain it. We went to the opening ceremony and all the children marched on the pitch and we were by far the loudest team.

“We were singing to all the children, we became quite a popular group within the tournament.”

The team played against boys older them - with most of the competitors aged 15, and in some cases opponents were four years their senior - and managed to take ninth spot overall.