EYES were opened wide as curious students took a trip to discover how, why, what and what if?

Those questions are the basis of scientific inquiry and a group of 82 eager pupils from Winton Community Academy visited the ‘We the Curious’ museum in Bristol to find out more.

More than 290 hands-on activities were available for the youngsters to try, with pupils having a go at everything from the bubble tunnels to racing parachutes and watching them land, as well as getting into a hamster wheel to generate electricity.

There was also exhibits to model what it would be like milking cows, and entering the womb, along with magnetic marble runs, sheets of bubbles making art, animations, thongophone music, powering a hydro plant exhibit and more.

The students were also given the chance to watch the “Launch It” show, which the group said was “amazing”, and some of them even took an active role in the performance.

Year 7 pupil Findley Thomas was air gun controller whilst the rest of the group had their socks knocked off by the exploding hydrogen balloons.

Leah O’Neil, Year 7 pupil, said: “I had an amazing day, and learnt a lot about science and why things work. I really enjoyed all the hands on activities — it was so much fun.”