“I CAN’T understand why a little child’s welfare is not at the front of the mind of the council.”

Those were the words of an Andover resident who is calling for Hampshire County Council to take action to block a “serious health and safety issue”.

Josie Msonthi noticed a large gap in fencing along Stubbs Court, but after closer inspection and to her surprise it opens to an around “15-foot drop” to Redon Way.

“The drop down there shocked me, this is crazy. I just thought ‘oh my goodness’, even an adult could fall down there.

“How easy it would be for a little one to venture into that space risking life and limb. This needs immediate attention.”

Ms Msonthi said she contacted the county council over a month ago, but she has yet to receive a response or see the issue rectified.

“It is not a small danger. Anyone who responds to these things, why have they not boarded up the fence? It might seem small on the face of things, but you are looking after a little child’s welfare.”

She added: “The hole has been there on and off in horrible states, when I noticed it was an open space with no fencing.”

Ms Msonthi said not only children could fall down the gap, but also adults coming home inebriated from a night out and dogs.

Currently undergrowth masks the hole, but it winter months the gap is said to be bare.

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will ensure an engineer inspects the fence shortly and takes appropriate action."