WOMEN are being encouraged to get off the couch and onto the court as two new netball leagues are being set up in Tidworth.

Organised by Leagues4you, which runs fun leagues across the UK, the aim is to get people back into sport.

Development officer Emma Edmonds said: “We take away a lot of the barriers that prevent women from taking part, so more people can go from couch to court. Within the leagues we sort out court hire, umpires, and the required kit for example, bibs and balls.”

She added: “The sessions are perfect for those who haven’t played since school.“You can join leagues as a team, small group of friends, or individually. Many of our teams are groups of likeminded people who were once strangers.”

The new leagues will play on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at the Tidworth Leisure Centre starting on July 2 and 3.

Refreshers sessions will take place on June 25 and 26, where players can remind themselves of the rules, form teams and play plenty of practise matches.

For more information, go to leagues4you.co.uk.