A SECURITY guard has bounced back from a difficult week after his own impromptu Glastonbury performance went viral.

Just days after being made redundant from his full-time job, festival security guard Kevin Cox, from Andover, was filmed at Glastonbury singing along to The Charlatans during their Friday night slot on the Other Stage.

The footage went viral on social media, and shortly after, band frontman Tim Burgess saw the clip prompting the band’s management to contact Kevin with a very special offer.

Kevin said: “They said, ‘we’re planning a big tour, coming up at the end of the year. You can come to as many as you want – bring some mates, meet the band for a drink before. You can even have a rider if you like.’

“It was quite bizarre.”

Kevin has been a part-time security guard at festivals since 2017, and a fan of The Charlatans since the mid-1990s.

He says when he found out he would be working during their set he was initially disappointed.

“I was actually really gutted because I wanted to be on the other side watching and dancing like a loony.”

Instead he had to settle for standing in front of the stage, keeping an eye on the crowd, while singing along to the occasional line.

Before the set he had been speaking to some revellers in the front row, one of whom managed to catch his brief sing-along on her phone.

Kevin said: “After she called me back over and said, ‘I hope you don’t mind but I took a little video of you singing to The Charlatans, do you mind if I put it on Twitter?’

“Next thing I realise it’s just gone massive. They then put out their post saying they wanted to get hold of me and it just snowballed from there really.”

The video has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people online, including lead singer Burgess, who sent out a Tweet asking for help in tracking the singing security guard down.

Kevin was under the stage between shifts when he was approached and after sharing his details he “thought nothing of it” until the band’s manager got in touch with the offer.

“Their generosity is just above and beyond,” he said. “It’s had 600,000 views on that video and we read all the comments and the positivity is just amazing.”

He added: “Thanks to The Charlatans for going that extra mile and making what was already a really good Glastonbury experience miles, miles better.”

Kevin also thanked John Squires, his team leader at Specialised Security, the company he was working for on the day.

He said: “I shouldn’t really be singing on-duty. That could’ve been frowned upon, but they took it quite well.

“I think if you are singing and dancing around and not looking at the crowd it’s not good, but the fact that I was looking at the crowd was OK.”

Kevin admits it can be hard to ignore the bands while he goes about his work, but it has allowed him to attend festivals such as Reading, Download and Glastonbury twice in the last couple of years.

“It is quite hard,” he said. “But you are in the best place.

“You’re in the pit, you’re in the crowd, you can see they’re all enjoying themselves and the music just blasts through your body. So it’s a pretty good place to be.”

Media interest in Kevin has shown no sign of slowing up as after interviews for the NME, the Press Association and on BBC Radio 5 Live, he has been contacted by ITV’s The Voice which expressed an interest in having him audition.

Kevin said: “It’s still a long way down the line and I’m still not 100 per cent committed yet.

“I’m not actually sure I can sing to be perfectly honest!”