WITH just over two weeks till one of Andover’s biggest events, a community stalwart is channelling her inner David Attenborough to make a “big step to help the environment”.

Iris Anderson recently highlighted the issue of single use plastic to Vigo Recreation Ground organiser Tony Burley and the talks gained momentum that now Andover Carnival has set upon a huge mission.

Event chiefs have announced that it will make steps to fully ban single use plastic at the 2021 carnival, following on the success of Glastonbury and other festival.

While the organisation say it is too late to implement for this year’s on Sunday, July 21, the committee say they will work hard for the next two years on its aim.

The event attracts more than 8,000 visitors over the course of the day and while it is not as big as the annual festival at Worthy Farm “we must all play our part in reducing our reliance on single use plastics, and actively encourage alternatives”.

Iris, St Mary’s ward member for Test Valley Borough Council, said: “I just feel we have got to listen to what David Attenborough at Glastonbury. I just cringe at the thought, it is not us, it is not me it the future, it is our children and their environment, they have got to live with it.

“We have got to try and save the planet, it is a big step to help the environment.”

She added: “I am really happy to know I could take it to the carnival. Vigo Park is part of St Mary’s ward, I think it is really good they have accepted what I have suggest and want it to go forward.”

Tony, who has organised the family fun day in the park for the last eight years, said: “I amended the park application form some years ago and reminded our vendors to recycle everything where possible and consider the use of corn starch cups”.

“It is now time to take further steps to help our environment so we will be banning the sale of drinks in plastic bottles and the use of plastic cups, straws, cutlery and food containers from 2021.

“We would also hope the visitors that attend will follow the lead shown by other events and bring drinks and food in reusable containers as opposed to single use plastic containers. There has for some time been a ban on bringing glass bottles etc. into the park - this could be extended to single use plastic bottles in the future.

“We hope that in 2020 we will see a significant reduction in the use of single use plastics; given the challenges in implementing our decision we will need at least a year to work with our vendors in order to achieve our goal for 2021.”