A GET well soon basket was taken from a family’s doorstep yesterday while the mother was picking her partner up from hospital after a major operation.

Nicky Bates, of Charlton Road, had gone to collect her husband, Clive, from Winchester’s Royal Hampshire County Hospital where he had recently undergone a hip replacement.

Later that evening she received a text from her friend asking about a hamper she had dropped around earlier.

Nicky said: “She texted me about 9 o’clock saying, ‘did you get the basket?’ And I said, ‘oh, I didn’t get a basket.’”

Andover Advertiser: The basket was left on the family's doorstepThe basket was left on the family's doorstep

After searching high and low, and wondering if someone may have moved the basket undercover to keep it safe, Nicky says there was no sign of it.

“I looked down the side of the house – nothing,” she said. “I also messaged my neighbour. There was nothing.”

Nicky, a nurse of 20 years who now runs her own counselling service, said she left for the hospital at around 5pm. Sometime between then and 9pm that evening the basket was taken from the doorstep.

The basket, which had a label reading ‘to Clive’ on it, was a gift from friend Jackie Gentleman, of the Jamie G Sporting Trust. It contained sentimental items plus some treats to aid Clive’s recovery.

“She had made him a get well soon basket and made him some flapjacks and some protein things, just to kind of speed up his recovery,” said Nicky.

She added: “Like I said, I hope their need is greater than ours.

“It is what it is, it’s just one of those things. You just can’t believe some people, can you?”

“I feel more sorry for Jackie really because she went to all the effort and he didn’t even get to see it."