THERE were smiles all round at Andover College as students opened their exam results.

The college received a 99.1 per cent A-level pass rate, slightly down from 99.4 per cent last year.

Students excelled in all subjects with the college performing exceptionally well in law with an incredible 100 per cent achieving A*-B grades, 80 per cent for film studies and 71 per cent for product design. Level three criminology also excelled with a 100 per cent pass rate, 69 per cent students achieving A*-B.

The Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ arts department continues to be the place to study creative subjects with 67 per cent achieving A*-B in photography and media studies, 50 per cent achieving A*-B in fine art and film making.

Assistant Principal, Ben Stokes was delighted by the students’ success and celebrated with students and his team.

He said: “I’m very proud of our A-level pass rates, the students that work hard to achieve them and the staff that support and motivate our students throughout the entire process.

“We are able to deliver such high results by working with each individual and putting in place a specific support plan to enable them to progress and fulfil their full potential. I would also like to thank the local secondary schools who work tirelessly to support their students through their GCSEs which gives the students a great platform from which to come to us and build on. The A-level results are testament to the hard work and excellence of education in Andover and the surrounding areas.”

One student Shea Campbell, is now off to the University of Southampton to study Biological Sciences achieved A* in biology and A’s in chemistry, maths and extended project qualification.

He said: “I chose to go to Andover College because the teachers came across as personable, passionate and the college was local to me. I would describe my time here as enjoyable and would highly recommend Andover College.”

Another student Ethan Hawes, who achieved A’s in biology, chemistry and maths, said: “I want to go into dental surgery and am planning to go to Plymouth University. My time at Andover College has been exciting and challenging, I would definitely recommend Andover College to anyone thinking of coming here. I would describe Andover College as fun, challenging and rewarding.”

Deputy Principal Curriculum Julie Milburn said: “We are absolutely delighted to once again exceed a 99 per cent pass rate that so many colleges aspire to achieve. These results place Andover College at the forefront of A-level teaching and have enabled our learners to progress on to notable Russell Group universities such as Southampton, Exeter, Warwick and Sheffield. This will be further enhanced with the introduction of our innovative University Prep Programme starting in September.

“Despite the rapid growth in student numbers at the college, we continue to challenge each individual student, every day to exceed the standard they thought was the limit of their capability. Our commitment to excellent teaching and a shared positive culture brings out the best in our students.

“An A-level pass rate of 99.1 per cent gives my whole team of staff team at Andover College a huge sense of pride for the young people, their families, the college community and the role they play in obtaining these wonderful results.”

n Images by Spencer Mulholland