A METAL fence and a moat is being built around an Andover field to stop travellers.

Last month, more than 40 caravans and cars illegally broke through the barriers at Picket Twenty to set up camp on the sports pitch. 

The roamers caused misery for residents as rubbish and human waste was left strew across the site and thrown over garden fences. 

Now Test Valley Borough Council is beefing up its security measures with work underway to prevent access to the pitch at Smannell Road. 

The project will see the council dig a ditch around the site which will be reinforced with a metal fence. This will run alongside Roman Way and Icknield Way.

Andover Advertiser:

A spokesman for the council said: "These measures will act as a deterrent to restrict unlawful access to the land, while ensuring it can still be enjoyed by the public.

"The project will be delivered in two phases, with work on the smaller section of the green space adjacent to St Michael’s Church completed first having begun this week.

"The second stage on the larger area of open space that contains play areas will take place over the next two months."

The council is also set to also install further security measures at the Picket Twenty site that the travellers accessed recently.

Andover Advertiser:

Leader of the council, Councillor Phil North, said: “I’m determined to do all we can to help protect our green spaces. We have already put a number of measures in place across the town but this latest set of works should go a long way to stop unlawful traveller access and maintain these sites for the enjoyment of the community."