THERE was a night of celebration as Andover College honoured its students dedication, ambition and persistent hard work.

Family and friends joined lecturers, governors and sponsors at the annual Achievers’ Awards at The Lights.

This year four new awards were introduced to recognise specialist achievements in specific subjects as well as by the college’s teaching and support team.

Ben Stokes, Assistant Principal, said: “Andover education doesn’t happen in a vacuum; we are proud to be part of an exceptional network of educational providers including our secondary schools in Andover – and a growing number from Salisbury and Wiltshire – who like us are committed to providing a platform of high educational standards and credibility.”

Guest of Honour Speaker was Shannon Holmes who was a past student of Andover College and has gone onto a career in Child Nursing, she said: “It is lovely to be able to have the opportunity to reflect on my experiences since leaving Andover College and say a huge thank you for the positive influence and encouragement I was given whilst studying here.”

The Principal’s Award was awarded to Shea, who achieved A* in biology and As in chemistry, maths and extended project qualification, is now off to the University of Southampton to study Biological Sciences. Shea was nominated as his attitude towards learning and desire to expand his knowledge has been exemplary. The college said he is also well disciplined in reaching targets and setting his own goals as well as cooperating with group work and mentoring peers.

The Nigel Spackman Sport Achievement Award was awarded to Skye, who achieved D*D*D* on her extended diploma in sport course. Skye was nominated for this award because during her time at college she has recorded the 50th best 100m-sprint time in her age group nationally this season as well as the 32nd best triple-jump score. Skye’s achievements are outstanding and deserve recognition especially as these sporting successes are in conjunction with excellent academic accomplishments.

The Entrepreneurial and Business Award was awarded to Adam. Adam was nominated for this award due to a loss of a close friend, he became enthralled by the idea of raising money for Cystic Fibrosis.The college said from start to finish, he threw himself into the organisation, planning and execution of two very successful events. Both events raised a substantial amount of money which has aided the funding of a sky dive for himself and his peers to raise even more funds for the charity.

The Alan Guyatt Mature Learner Achievement Award was awarded to Hilary. Hilary was nominated for this award because she has achieved great things this year against all odds. This year, she has remained determined and tenacious in her studies and she was able to embrace her return to education with gusto. The college said she is simply an amazing woman who achieves in education, greatly expanded her creativity on the Foundation Art and Design course and importantly, all whilst being a fantastic Mum to her teenage children.

n The winners of the Teacher and Support staff award were; Bec Price, Sharon Miles, Kelly Hall, Emily Legge, Alicia Barnett, Carlie Windows.

The 2019 sponsors were: The Stannah Lifts Group, The University of Winchester, Winchester School of Art, Andover Advertiser, Bioquell UK Ltd and Test Valley Borough Council.