A MOTHER is on a crusade to stop people from using their phones behind the wheel after being horrified at the number of motorists brazenly ignoring the law.

Sarah Bingham, 37, was stuck in crawling traffic on the A34 when her 10-year-old son noticed a young woman was texting while driving.

Schoolboy Joshua managed to capture the moment on camera.

In the video, the young woman can be seen absent-mindedly on her phone while her passenger relaxes with her feet on the dashboard.

"It is so dangerous, I was furious. Yes, they are probably just two young friends having a fun road trip but they need to think about other people on the road," mental health worker Sarah said.

This comes after the Advertiser's sister newspaper The Basingstoke Gazette reported how journalist Emily Roberts recorded a man brazenly speaking on his mobile phone while behind the wheel of his van on the M3.

After handing the footage into police, Emily hoped that would be the end of it but she was called to court to give evidence. The motorist denied the charge of careless driving because the police and Crown Prosecution Service hadn’t told him about the footage.

He was able to get a reduced fine due to a technicality. The saga left Emily wondering whether or not it was worth reporting the incident in the first place.

Now Sarah said she is facing a similar conundrum. After sharing the footage with the police, Sarah hoped it would be a cut and dry issue where the driver would be contacted though she did not hear back from the force.

But this has not stopped her and Joshua, ten, and Alysa, eight, from keeping an eye on other motorists.

"We now have a thing where whenever we are in the car, Joshua will film people who are on their phones. Most people look guilty or say sorry but some are so distracted, they don't even notice,” Sarah said.

“My son is taking junior driving licences at the moment and he is very interested in road safety and honestly would be a safer driver than most people I see on the roads.

“My message to people using their phones behind the wheel is – watch out! We might get you on camera,” Sarah joked.

“Is it really worth it to text someone back quickly or respond to a facebook message when you are risking someone’s life?

“A family friend of mine lost their entire business after a woman was on her phone and went into the back of him. He was a driving instructor. The bang shattered his elbow and now he’s been forced into early retirement. It could have been avoided had the woman not been on her phone.”

Sarah said when the family are out in the car her ten-year-old son will often capture badly behaving motorists on camera.

In the footage shared with the Advertiser, the female driver pays no attention to Sarah’s car travelling besides her as she drives along the A34 dual carriageway.

Her travel companion rests her feet on the dashboard while the driver seemingly scrolls through her phone.

Sarah said: “I’ve never spoken out about anything like this before and wanted to add that I’m aware that I will get a lot of negative opinions but I’m willing to take them for the sake of my children and their safety when they are on the roads, be it a passenger or when they learn to drive. They deserve to feel safe as does everyone else on the road.’