Over the past three years I have received correspondence from many of my Constituents on Brexit and whilst I won’t spend time going over the past, suffice to say that I believe that the Referendum result must be delivered which is why I voted to trigger Article 50 and voted three times for a workable exit deal.

However, we are where we are, with a new PM and only weeks to go until the proposed exit date and I have watched recent events - an attempt by back-benchers to delay Brexit further and the PM’s call for a General Election – surely the ultimate People’s Vote – blocked by the Opposition, with dismay.

That is why I have decided to support all efforts of the PM to deliver Brexit on October 31st. I agree with him that to leave without a deal would be a `’failure of statescraft” and I think a No Deal Brexit, with its attendant disruption and long-term impact would be an ignominious result.

In all my meetings with the PM he has been insistent that he can deliver a workable deal and solve the problem of the Backstop – I think he is right, and I look forward to voting to support this deal when Parliament returns.

Finally, as you may know I declined an offer from the Prime Minister to serve in his Cabinet because he has appointed me to be the President of the 2020 UN Climate Change negotiations (COP) which will be happening in the UK next November.

This is an immense role, both in terms of effort required and because 2020 is the year that the Paris Agreement, secured at these talks in 2015, is to be implemented, and cannot in my view be combined with another Ministerial role.

This is one of the reasons I have decided not to seek the Conservative nomination for the next General Election.

It has been an immense privilege to serve as your MP for the past nine years and I am proud of what we have achieved together.

Particular highlights are securing £9 million of funding for the new Urgent Care Centre in Devizes and increased money for local schools serving our military areas.

However, it is the little victories that help just one person or family, that count, and of course I have been supported in all of this with my excellent local team.

Until the next election, I will remain as your MP and work with my team to support my Constituents - I do hope to say “Au Revoir” in person.