A FATHER has avoided jail after he confronted a convicted child sex offender.

Matthew Doyle, 30 from Pilgrims Way, was convicted of public order offences after he tried to ‘expose’ the convicted paedophile, who had previously served time in prison.

Doyle had pleaded not guilty to the offence, but was convicted in a trial in August.

Appearing at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court on Monday afternoon for sentencing, the court heard how the offence, which included verbal threats, took two parts.

The first was when Doyle bumped into the man in the street, and the second when Doyle went to his home.

Prosecutor David Fossler read the court a witness statement from the victim, where he said: “I don’t feel safe walking around Andover on my own. I take the threat seriously.

“I found the court process terrifying and was visibly shaken. I felt intimidated just knowing Mr Doyle was in the court.”

Doyle had seen the probation service on Monday, who told the court that he had said: “I am not particularly remorseful, I did it with good intention but I can understand how my behaviour came across.”

In mitigation, Ed Stott told the court that his client’s criminal record had “significantly quietened down” when his son was born around two years ago.

“Mr Doyle place that on the fact that his son was born,” he told the court.

Mr Bevan, Chair of Magistrates, gave Doyle an 18-month community order, telling him: “The way forward is completely up to you.

“We would have much love not to see you in court again.”

This comes after Doyle spoke to the Andover Advertiser last week.

He said that he was expecting to serve time in prison, potentially being behind bars for Christmas, also missing his son’s birthday.

“I am going to be in jail for Christmas and my son’s birthday, and yet this paedophile has only ever been sent down for ten days,” he said at the time.

He admitted that he called the man a “f***ing paedophile” on multiple occasions as well as saying “your life is going to be a misery here, especially with me as your neighbour”.

“I went over with the intent to raise awareness and I was a passionate parent doing what any parent would,” Doyle told the Advertiser.

“It’s my duty. It wasn’t a choice I made; it was a duty as a parent.”