COUNCILLOR Kevin Farrer has reiterated that he is “no longer part of” the borough council, although the authority itself says it is still awaiting a formal resignation letter.

Cllr Farrer, who sits on both town and borough councils, was taken to court last month having refused to pay his BID levy, which is collected by Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC).

During the hearing Cllr Farrer slammed evidence down on the table in front of the TVBC’s representative, Peter Colebeck, before declaring he would be resigning from the authority.

And he says it’s a decision he will be standing by.

This week he told the Advertiser: “Basically if I say I am going to do something, I do it.”

“I handed my badge to him [Peter Colebrook] and I resigned so as far as I am concerned I’m no longer part of TVBC.”

“I can’t work with liars and I can’t work with hypocrites. They are all a bunch of hypocrites as far as I’m concerned. I stand by what I say, and I resign.”

However, the council has said that verbally announcing his resignation in the courtroom is “absolutely not sufficient” as a resignation.

A written notice of resignation is required by the council.

Despite considering himself finished with his role at the council, Cllr Farrer says the “fight” isn’t over yet.

At the last month’s court hearing he was told that if he did not pay his BID levy he could be sent to prison, but the town councillor remains adamant he will continue to fight for what he believes is right.

“If they want to send in the bailiffs, send in the bailiffs,” he said. “I am standing up for what is right.”

He added: “It really does stink. As far as I’m concerned me and the council are done, I have said I resigned and that’s about it. But the fight will continue and if they lock me up I would love it.

“I can’t cook anyway so if they lock me up I get three staples all day, I probably get a colour television, I’ll get a DVD player, so if they lock me up, crack on.”

Cllr Farrer remains a member of Andover town council.