VANDALS who caused damage to Overton Recreation Centre last weekend have been called “mindless” by the Chairman.

Graham Devereux said that he believes a group of teenagers caused the damage to the Berrydown pitch and nursery play area.

Pictures posted on their Twitter account show that a bench in a dugout has been destroyed, a corner flag has been broken, play equipment pushed over and damage to a pink play house.

Graham told the Advertiser: “Why would people do that to this site?

“We have to clean it up and pay for it. All of the facilities are run by volunteers.”

He says that they keep finding evidence that a group of teenagers are causing the vandalism, which is happening regularly, as he is finding smashed bottles.

“This group of teenagers in the village who are constantly challenging our facilities,” Graham continued.

The facilities are used by around 50,000 users a year.

On Twitter, the Recreation Centre asked it’s followers to “be vigilant and help us stop this needless wanton vandalism”.

They say that the police have been informed, who have been contacted for comment by the Advertiser.