THE mayor of Andover has revealed he was in a relationship with his deputy mayor following the news of her resignation from the party he leads.

Councillor Richard Rowles has announced that he and Cllr Lauren Banville had been a couple during their time in the roles, but this has now ended.

It is understood that the pair had been in a relationship since July of this year, just months after Cllr Banville was chosen to take up the position as deputy mayor.

The revelation comes after Cllr Banville today (Wednesday) announced her resignation from the Andover Alliance claiming that she was not “allowed a voice or fair vote”.

Speaking about his former relationship, Cllr Rowles said: "As many people know Lauren and I were having a relationship, and in the context of us working together on the council this was in hindsight this was a case of misplaced faith on my part. Beyond this I would expect the details of our previous relationship to remain between us, and I would ask the public to respect our privacy for both our sakes."

The Advertiser contacted Cllr Banville for a comment but she said she did not wish to respond.