RANDOM acts of kindness are warming the hearts of people across Andover as a trend that started on social media makes its way to the area.

Small crochet flowers have been popping up around town, with heart-warming notes attached, written by the anonymous creators who have left them in a range of public places.

And many passers-by have been lucky enough to stumble across them, before posting their finds on Facebook.

Hannah Morris found one near Tesco, with a note attached reading: “I am not lost, I’m just alone, if I’ve made you smile, please take me home.”

And others have said they found similar mementos, including one at The Range and one at the Tesco Express, in Charlton.

The notes also feature a link to the Facebook page, “Random Acts of Crochet Kindness” where the trend is believed to have taken off.

The group already has almost 5,000 members from all across the country. It’s description reads: “This is a group for anyone that wants to share an act of kindness, it’s mainly for crochet but if there is anyone that has gone out of their way to make another person smile, I want to hear about it!

“Let’s build a community of kind acts and make the world a bit lighter and brighter!”

People across Andover have been sharing their stories of finding the items and praising the kind strangers who have taken the time to make them.

One person said: “I found a white one last week, it made me smile. Thank you to whoever makes them.”

And another added: “Love these kind gifts that people are finding and feeling happy about. I hope my friends and I find one randomly one day when we most need cheering up.

“Such a thoughtful, kind person you are.”

To find out more search for ‘Random Acts of Crochet Kindness’ on Facebook.