A planning dispute over the construction of a golf course saw an official inquiry begin this week.

Legal representatives of Test Valley Borough Council aimed to continue a planning enforcement order served against Simon Nelson, appealing.

The battle centres around land opposite the Hampshire Golf Club near Goodworth Clatford, south of Andover. 

In 1997, planning permission to raise the ground levels of the site was granted. Mr Nelson bought the site in 2017 aiming to complete the golf course.

A planning enforcement notice was served against Mr Nelson for allegely raising ground levels above those allowed in the earlier permission.

Representatives of Mr Nelson used their opening statement to claim no planning violation occurred, as the council had agreed to their action. They also say the council had lost important documents about the case.

On Tuesday, hearings began in the Andover Guildhall. In his opening statement, a representative of Mr Nelson said: "Is it clear permission was granted? We say it was, and the council's long-standing position has been that works were allowed.

"Further, the council has repeatedly lost important documents, including plans of the site and land surveys."

Representatives of the council responded in their opening statement

Landowner Mr Nelson was the first to be sworn in. He claimed mounds of waste material were made to deter thieves from the construction site, as he had previously had problems.

In the cross-examination, council representatives established Mr Nelson also owns a company dealing with waste material.

Andrew Harwood, presiding, began the day believing the case would be finished that afternoon. Representatives of the council told him he should expect proceedings to continue into Thursday, at least.

The hearing continues.