Boris Johnson has addressed the nation hours after his party stormed the polls with a majority of 76 seats. 

The prime minister opened with a pledge to crack on with Brexit now he a healthy majority which will allow legisliation and government to move through freely. 

Speaking behind a podium written with the message 'people's government', Mr Johnson said: "With this election we have put an end to all of those miserable threats about a second referendum. 

"I say respectefully to my friend [the 'Stop Brexit' man] that that's it! It's time to put a sock in the megaphone and give everybnody some peace.

"I will put an end to all of that nonsence. No ifs, not buts, we will leave on January, October 31."

He also thanked those who voted for him, acknowledging that many traditional Labour voters had helped him secure the majority. 

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