Fashion giants Topshop and Dorothy Perkins have confirmed they will be closing their doors for one last time amid rumours regarding the Andover high street.

The clothing retailers, owned by Arcadia, confirmed they would be shutting up shop on March 14.

As Andover moves into the digital era more and more shops are moving online leaving the town littered with empty shops and closing down signs.

The Advertiser has reached out to both stores who have declined to comment further.

Councillor Christopher Ecclestone, from Test Valley Borough Council, told the Gazette: "This is an ongoing trend in our local high streets despite the government ringing their hands of it.

Back in the 1970s, the high street used to be filled with local businesses like butchers and green grocers which served the needs of the community."

"But now were living in a transition period after mainstream fashion stores move online so now no one is visiting our high street."

Back in 2013 the town attracted nearly 950,000 shoppers coming to the high street which has dropped by nearly 300,000 in just six years time.

He added: "The streets are filled with empty shops because local governments can't manage business rates or reorganise the local high street with thorough planning and forward thinking."

Despite these recent claims that the high street is dying, business owner, Georgina Roberts, has been trading at her independent store called Mooch for 24 over years.

She said: "We take the time to get to know our customers and what they want and respond to the changing times. Bigger retailers like M&S and Topshop have got too 'big' to get to know their customers.

"The High Street is suffering and diminishing nationally, but independent shops are still here. Please use them and enjoy the interaction and customer service they continue to give."

Recent customers of the fashion chains took to Facebook to share their views on the popular clothing stores closing down.

Group member, Dave Johnson, commented on the popular Facebook page, Spotted in Andover, that "Andover died years ago" and it that now it is time to "move the diggers in."

However, many residents are hopeful for the new developments proposed for the Town Centre, including a new theatre, leisure centre as well as the redevelopment of the shopping centre.

Fellow group member, Vera Ralph, added: "The new plans for Andover are very exciting, with a new Chantry Centre, restaurants, independent shops and a bigger town park."

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