A COFFEE shop in Overton is bringing back a little taste of history after opening its doors to the public last weekend.

Preston’s Coffee Shop, in High Street, officially opened last Saturday morning and owner Carla Preston says it’s been non-stop since then.

“We haven’t stopped,” she told the Advertiser on Wednesday, “this is the first time it’s been quite so it’s been quite good to be honest.”

The café offers a range of coffees, teas, snacks and sweet treats, plus a full vegan menu to go alongside traditional café classics like a bacon butty.

“It’s just about giving people options,” she continued, “so that they feel they can come out with the whole family.”

While the shop itself is new to Overton, its history with the village is anything but.

“My parents were both born and brought up in Overton,” said Carla.

“My grandfather, who’s 91, still lives in Overton. And also my step-daughter Carley, who’s working with me, still lives in Overton. So throughout our history this is where our family has come from.

“We’ve been quite lucky with family supporting us, friends supporting us, people coming in and supporting us. It’s nice because we don’t feel like we’re new. We feel like we’ve been quite accepted which is great.”

Carla says that has a lot to do with the response from those in the village, with “really positive” feedback from customers so far.

Carla also explains that the name of the shop, as well as being her own family name, has a local tie-in of its own.

“There used to be a sweet shop called Preston’s in the 1950/60s,” she said.

“It is our family name but we weren’t actually going to go down that route. But then one of my mum’s friends said there used to be a Preston’s [sweet shop] in the village so how about choosing that.”

Preston’s Coffee Shop is currently open from 7am until 5pm Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm on Saturdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

To find out more search ‘Preston’s Coffee Shop’ on Facebook.