A FATHER has set up a men’s health group to help struggling men from across Test Valley and Hampshire after he went through a mid-life crisis last year. 

Personal trainer, Wayne Murrey set up the group, The Next 40, after a personal breakthrough where he learned to step away from his “old fashioned, alpha male” lifestyle. 

The father, from North Waltham, told the Advertiser: “I come from a stereotypical male background where men are seen as the providers and are not allowed to show emotion, but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to. 

“Over the last few years, I have been challenging this image of masculinity by opening up to my family and friends.” 

When Wayne decided to form the group he admitted that he knew getting the club started was going to be tricky. 

He added: “Sometimes getting men to talk about their feelings and open up to each other can be like pulling teeth.

“But as I started talking to my clients during our training sessions, I found more men were also going through the same issues as me.”

Wayne and his founding partner, Jason Dean who is an expert on mental health in men, hosted the groups opening session last Tuesday.

Wayne explained “I created the group because I could have have used a group like this for myself when I was going through this, with other like-minded men that I could rely on.”

Each meeting costs £5 to cover the costs of tea and coffee for guests with plans for a trip away already in motion for the future. 

The talk group meet every other Tuesday at 7.30pm at their studio on Stockbridge Road in North Waltham.

To book a place in next week’s meeting visit https://bit.ly/2uwI6y7.