A DISABLED woman was left queuing for hours outside a Tidworth pharmacy.

Julie Tranham, 55, from Beale Road, queued outside P.W & J.A Hedge Pharmacy for two hours on March 27.

The 55-year-old said the pharmacy is only allowing two people at one time inside during the coronavirus pandemic.

Julie told the Gazette: “I got to the pharmacy at 8.55am and the chemist was open early. Because of social distancing, the queue went around the side of the doctor’s surgery to the back where the gate leads to the leisure centre.

“I was there for two hours. I am a disabled person and have mobility problems. I took my mobility aid with me which allowed me to sit down.

“I was scared standing in that queue as anyone could be carrying the virus.

“I received a letter from the NHS saying I cannot go out for 12 weeks, but I have no choice.

“Everyone in the queue was in good spirits and keeping social distance, no one was grumbling whatsoever.

“When I left the pharmacy, the receptionist said to people queuing for paracetamol or hand sanitizer that they had run out of stock and waiting in the queue for it would be pointless.”

She posted on the village Facebook page: “Queue for pharmacy is massive. I queued for two hours. Massive shout out to the staff though. It was so lovely to see Paul in there helping when he should be enjoying leisurely retirement.

“I knew he would help because him and Judith are so lovely and always helped everybody. The girls on the counter are always smiling and want to help as much as possible despite the stress they are going through. Massive thanks for putting yourselves at risk so we can get our medicines.”

P.W & J.A Hedge Pharmacy has been contacted for comment.