Students who are still attending Tidworth’s Wellington Academy made their own very personal tribute to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Around half of Wellington Academy’s students come from families who are employed in the armed forces.

Others have parents who are key workers who are performing vital roles while most people are on lockdown.

Students created a logo in front of the school before they took part in the remembrance silence at 11am.

Year 11 student Ella Pengelly was one of those taking part.

Ella’s grandfather, Colonel Richard Pengelly, was a US pilot in WW II, and was the first to land a plane safely in Belgium after D-Day. He was also in charge of evacuating wounded troops from Belgium.

“On behalf of all staff and students in our community I take this opportunity to thank every member of the armed forces for their historic and ongoing service to our country,” said Ella.

“As Wellington Academy students and staff we know are affected by military excursions, be that families, or friends. Not only are we proud but we are reminded of the sacrifices made by families, as well as the soldiers who physically fought.

“We feel it is important to commemorate the day joyously as people did 75 years ago and recognise the enormous sacrifices given in order to achieve peace.”

Headteacher Steven Paddock said he was proud of how thoughtful his students are: “The marking of this historic date was crucial to celebrate within The Wellington Academy,” he said.

“The school may be open to the few at the moment, but we represent every aspect of our wider community. The young people and staff in today have willingly showed their thanks and gratitude to all of the military across the UK”.

Tidworth has a longstanding and proud connection to the military. The British Army has been stationed in the town for centuries. Tidworth and Perham Down are home to the 1st Mechanised Brigade's Headquarters as well as the affiliated Royal Horse Artillery, Kings Royals Hussar, 22 & 26 Engineers Regiment, 215 signal squadron, 2 Royal Welsh, 2 Royal Tank Regiment, 1 Royal Regiment Fusiliers