THIEVES targeted a local charity near Tidworth over the weekend.

Two men in a small silver car were disturbed as they tried to access the Veterans in Action (VIA) premises at Redenham Park on Friday night around 11.45pm.

VIA is a charity that helps military veterans adjust to civilian life, particularly those who have suffered severe mental health issues.

They started as an idea in 2008 by three ex royal engineer friends, two of whom had been injured physically and one who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, who wanted to raise funds for injured troops both physically and psychologically.

The idea was formed from the engineers own experiences as they took a group of veterans on an overland expedition driving from Headley Court to South Africa and back.

The aim of the expedition was to ‘help themselves by helping others’.

Charity CEO Billy McLeod is asking for anyone with information about the robbery to get in contact.

He said: “I was working in my office doing some video editing and heard a huge crunch.

“I shouted out and heard someone scampering away.

“Then saw two guys walking towards a small silver which I have a partial number plate for, V704.

“We think it was a silver Citroen Saxo or a Peugeot 206. When I shouted they drove off, did a U-turn, then tried to run me over.”

The pair broke into two doors at the charity’s workshop.

Former Royal Engineer, Billy, believes there may have been after the charity’s vehicles which have been prominent on Andover’s roads during lockdown as the charity has been providing an essential collection and delivery service for the Andover Isolation Group.

Billy believes that the thieves may be local to Andover.

Billy said: “Their backs were toward me as they walked away.

“Then the car’s headlights were in my eyes as they drove toward me, so I didn’t get a look at their faces.”

The only item the charity believes is missing is an impact wrench.

The charity has since improved their site with more CCTV and security devices.

However, they are asking a local company who may be willing to assist them with increased lighting for their premises.

VIA are asking the public to contact the police or phone the charity on 01264 771658.