I am writing to express my disappointment in the response of our MP Kit Malthouse to the Black Lives Matters (BLM) protests. A search of the public response on his website and social media pages has found only negative comments.

As my MP I would like to see him address some of the key concerns of the BLM campaign. In his role as Minister for Crime and Policing he is in a unique position to tackle the racial inequalities in our justice systems.

For example, police are up to seven times more likely to issues fines to BAME people than white people when enforcing the coronavirus lockdown (as reported in the Guardian).

Recent BLM protests in Andover and Basingstoke attracted hundreds of people, demonstrating it is a concern of his constituents.

I urge him to make a positive public acknowledgement of the legitimate concerns of the Black Lives Matter movement and pledge to take positive steps to improve our society.

Jo Allam, Tolme Way, Picket Piece