A MOTHER and daughter have paid tribute to their family member, one year since she was tragically murdered in her own home.

Lucy-Anne Rushton, known to most as Lucy, was found dead in her Suffolk Road home during the early hours of Sunday, June 23, last year.

Her estranged husband, Shaun Dyson, later pleaded guilty to her murder and in December was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 17 years.

Her mother, Myra Simpson, and her sister, Leanna Banks, have reflected on what has been a “horrendous” year for the whole family. They say they feel like they are the ones living the life sentence, rather than Lucy’s killer.

But this week they have honoured the memory of their beloved Lucy, who they say will always be remembered by those who love her.

“She was a wild one,” said Leanna, “as my brother would say, the life of the party.”

“My crazy child, in a good way,” said Myra.

“She was fun, she was honest – sometimes too bloody honest. And she hated bullies.”

Myra remembers one day getting a call from the school, only to find that Lucy had been standing up for what she believed in.

“One lunchtime I got a call from the school,” her mum continued.

“She had only gone and dragged the bully out in front of everyone, and made them say sorry to the girl that the bully was bullying.”

Lucy was Myra’s second child, and she remembers when her daughter, as a youngster, would joke that she wanted to be an only child - only to end up finding herself with five siblings, including an older and younger brother and three younger sisters.

“But she did love her bothers and sisters,” said Myra, “she really did.”

She and her eldest daughter maintained an especially close bond and would see each other just about every week.

“I used to see her most weekends,” Myra continued, “and in the middle of the night if I wanted to talk to someone, she would be there for me. I haven’t got that anymore.”

“It’s hard. Sometimes I don’t want to go on, but I have to go on. Sometimes I think I don’t know what I would have done without these kids.

“She’s my eldest daughter and she always will be.”

Leanna added: “She will always be remembered.”