PLANS FOR a retirement development in a village just outside of Andover have been rejected.

The proposal to build six retirement properties on land at Sam White’s Hill, in Upper Clatford, was submitted to Test Valley Borough Council back in April.

The development would have comprised two one-bed and four two-bed homes, plus 11 car parking spaces and a communal courtyard.

The properties would have been situated just behind Bury Hill Farm, “nestled amongst existing and proposed landscaping” meaning it would have been “predominantly screened from view,” according to plans.

But last week those plans were rejected by the borough council,

A total of five reasons were given by the case officer as to why the application was rejected.

“The application has not fully assessed the proposed development and its impact on

the existing trees on site,” the report read.

“As a result of the development would lead to a loss of important trees that make a significant contribution to the character and appearance of the site and its surroundings.

“The proposed development would result in refuse collection arrangements that would not be safe or efficient.”

Other reasons included it being harmful to the affected heritage assets, that it wasn’t supported by a Preliminary Ecological Assessment and that insufficient information was provided in relation to waste water created from the proposed development.

During the application process, the applicant said that the project, with a build spend of roughly £1.2million, would have created 20 full-time jobs over the span of a one-year period.

Concerns were also raised during the consultation phase over the impact on traffic at what is already said to be a busy junction.

One resident at the time said they were particularly concerned about increased traffic exiting the track at the bottom of the hill.