AN ANDOVER child has used his time in lockdown to grow sunflowers nearly three times his own height.

Four-year-old Chester Mccormack has always had an interest for animals, but it wasn't until his grandfather, Tom Mccormack, gave him a few sunflower seeds that his interest in everything outdoors really peaked.

"He is a wizard with insects and it would blow your mind what he knows about them, so I thought he would enjoy the seeds," Tom said.

"He started growing them on his window in a pot in his room and then they just continued to grow."

The sunflowers grew so much that they decided to plant them in the front yard of their home in Portal Close.

And in the months since then, they have grown to nearly 11 feet tall, still with some room to go.

"Chester is amazed by it," Tom continued.

"He told all his friends about them and now that he knows where sunflowers come from, he has started giving out seeds to his friends as well.

"And with him being shorter, looking up to the sunflowers just makes them look that much bigger."

Tom added that he is extremely proud of the initiative that his grandson has taken to make sure the sunflowers continue to grow.

"He goes out and waters them every morning off his own back and doesn't need telling," Tom finished.

"Although the lockdown itself hasn't been great, it's been a nice time for Chester and this is something that will do well for him.

"Every time we're on the phone we always talk about how they are doing and he is always so excited and proud.

"I think they will probably get to about 13 feet tall once fully grown."

Chester's mum, Christina, is also a fan of her son's newfound interest.

"We've taken a fair few photos during the last few months and he loves how much they have grown," she said.

"He was amazed when they reached his height, so for them to keep growing is something he's really enjoyed."

With a little bit left to grow, they are now hoping for them to reach one last milestone.

"My husband has been working from home during lockdown," Christina added.

"And the sunflowers are right outside his window, so when he looks out he can nearly see them.

"I really hope Chester keeps his interest in the outdoors and all things gardening."