WE asked you where you think speed cameras should be placed in the Andover.

There have been numerous occasions this year where drivers have decided to ignore speed limits.

So we decided to ask Advertiser readers for their opinions on the roads they would like to see speed cameras introduced on.

Some residents didn’t want to see more speed cameras in Andover but many others did.

Below are roads that were mentioned by residents:

Walworth Road

The road mentioned most by readers was Walworth Road and it comes as no surprise after two major crashes have happened here in the past year.

In July 21 officers were called to a property in Locksbridge Road after a black Chevrolet Captiva crashed into a house.

Andover Advertiser:

Concerned resident Rachel Bennett said : “Walworth into picket piece and picket piece 2 houses now have had cars decide to visit. How long before someone is killed?”

Katie Miles said: “Walworth Road throughout Picket Piece, there is going to be someone seriously injured or killed if something doesn’t change soon! Two houses in 8months have been hit, which you have reported on”

Steven Chilcott added: “Walworth Road between the 2 entries to Locksbridge Road. It’s only going to be a matter of time before someone is seriously injured and killed!!!! Have tried contacting Hampshire County Council twice in the last month about this. I get an automated message saying they will reply, well still waiting!!!! Two properties have sustained damage in the last 7 months because of vehicles leaving the road. The road needs speed cushions, cameras and a reduced speed limit!!!”

Lisa Pearce agreed that Woolworth Road needed change but suggests adding average speed check cameras.

The Avenue

Andover Advertiser: Credit- Sandy B GeographCredit- Sandy B Geograph

Pam Whitehouse suggested cameras on The Avenue as “they’re like a racing track at times”.

Harrie Bushell  also mentioned The Avenue and wrote: “The amount of roadkill I’ve seen there is vile!”

Vigo Road

Andover Advertiser: Credit- Basher Eyre GeographCredit- Basher Eyre Geograph

Facebook user Sharon Towerton said: “Might sort out all the car racers that seem to think they’re on thruxton race track most weekends.”

Winchester Road

Andover Advertiser: Credit- Sandy B GeographCredit- Sandy B Geograph

Andover resident Amanda Macken commented: “ It’s ridiculous the speeds some people come down it.... accident waiting to happen with the small pathways to town too.”

Other roads that were mentioned by readers include:

Barlows Lane

Enham Alamein

Dene Road

Harrow Way

Barlows Lane

Hurstbourne Priors crossroads

Smannell Road

Red post Lane

Viking Way

Folly Roundabout