As September temperatures soar during the it is important to remember your household pets need cooling down just as much as you.

With temperatures as high as 27 degrees Celsius this week it is vital we keep our pets as cool and comfortable as possible.

Vet nurse Jo Wright from PDSA gave us some handy tips to help out our beloved friends.

“Ideally we say bring your animals into your house or garage where it is cooler but we know this isn’t an option for all pet owners especially those with hutches.

“If this is the case a great way to create shade in the garden is by putting up umbrellas its also important to have a plentiful supply of nice cool water for all your animals.

“Another great tip is to use a hot water bottle that has been cooled in the fridge or has chilled water in it and wrap that in a towel and put it in the animals hutch or in the house where they like to lay."

Whilst paddling pools are great fun for dogs to play and cool down in Jo recognises that not all people have the space or moeny for them.

“Pools are good for dogs to cool down and have a play in but if you don’t have the space washing your dog’s feet in cool water does just as good of a job at cooling them down.”

PDSA saw a total of 53 cases of heatstroke in dogs last year and Jo wants people to be mindful of when they take their four legged friends for a walk.

“It Is important you walk your dogs in the morning or evening as there is a risk of them getting heatstroke or burning the pads of their feet if you walk them in the day.”

“We are encouraging people not to travel with their pets if they can avoid it as there is risk of them overheating in the car.

“If you have to travel we try and urge people to plan their journey for the cooler mornings and evenings and to have the air conditioning on.

“Leaving your pet inside a car, caravan, tent, conservatory or any sort of enclosed building like that in these kind of temperatures even on overcast days means they can get dangerously hot very quickly and in just a few minutes it can prove fatal.”

Other animals are also at risk of overheating during this weather such as fish and birds.

Jo wants all pet owners to be mindful of this: “Fish and birds are really susceptible to the heat

"People need to not forget about those small animals and get them out of direct sunlight and in to cool parts of the house."

For more information on how to keep pets cool visit the PDSA web page.