A Ludgershall care home that was criticised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is to be closed following a review by its owner.

The Orders of St. John Care Trust (OSJCT) announced that it will close Bartlett House, as well as another of its care homes, Fives Court in Mere, due to them being at “low occupancy for some time.”

Bartlett House currently looks after 19 out of a possible 49 residents, with its buildings were “becoming more outdated and expensive to maintain.” As a result, the home will begin to wind down over the next three months, with its residents moved on to other care homes belonging to OSJCT or Wiltshire Council if residents feel that their location is not “suitable.”

As a result of the closure, Terry Exley, whose father lives at the home, says that he will now have to travel to Salisbury to see him rather than being in the same village. “The home in Ludgershall was looking after him excellently,” he said. “[My father] has dementia and doesn't like change so is very upset about the move.”

He added: “He's lived in Ludgershall since 1963 so isn't best pleased.”

In February last year, Bartlett House was downgraded to "requires improvement" by the CQC, who noted that medicine was not always “administered with dignity”, while “areas of the home also had unpleasant odours, which indicated people’s continence needs were not being supported.”

Speaking about the closure of both homes, Dan Hayes, Chief Executive of OSJCT said: “It is undeniable what a difficult announcement this has been to everyone at the homes and within the wider Orders of St John Care Trust family. Our employees have been committed and professional at these two homes during the unprecedented and challenging months in the spring and summer whilst the resilience and positivity of our residents has been humbling.”

Cllr Simon Jacobs, Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care said: “Our top priority is the welfare of our residents and to ensure they and their families are given all the support and information they need so the move to a new home is as smooth as possible. We are aware this will be a difficult and unsettling time for those involved however we will work alongside OSJCT to provide the right support and will be in regular contact with the residents and families to ensure they are fully informed as these plans move forward.”