With the new masterplan proposals all released together yesterday, it was something of an information overload for all the exciting new plans for our town.

But don’t worry! The Advertiser has put together this handy summary of the big changes you’ll want to know about!

1. No more Chantry Centre

It may have been a mainstay of the town centre for decades, but the Chantry Centre is to be demolished as part of the plans. The building, described as a “block” by TVBC’s head of planning, was previously bought by the council, who plan to demolish the building in phases to minimise disruption. In its place, new buildings combining shopping, offices and residential apartments will be put up, which will lead to the creation of a new town square with the new home of The Lights theatre nearby.

2. Much more parkland

The six-lane gyratory system on Western Avenue is going to be torn away under the plans, with the road reduced to only two lanes. In its place, a new park will stretch along the western side of the town centre, joining up Town Mills and Bridge Street in the south to Andover College in the north. Stepping stones in the River Anton, new retail space and plenty of places to sit and relax are planned for this area, bringing a bit of nature into the heart of town.

3. New Andover College campus

With The Lights theatre having moved, there’s now space for Andover College to have a new urban campus in the town centre. The proposed new buildings will support students for decades to come, and will form the heart of the Wellbeing Quarter alongside the new leisure centre. Like the nearby river corridor, there will be an emphasis on greenery, connecting up to St Mary’s Church and Vigo park.

4. Better town connections

With the removal of the Chantry Centre and gyratory, there is now plenty of space to change how people move around the town centre. Historic roads are to be put back into the site of the Chantry Centre to help people move between the different quarters, and try and increase the amount of time people spend in town. Underpasses on Western Avenue and under the Vigo Park roundabout are to be removed; the latter along with the roundabout itself, with above ground crossings that aim to provide a more welcoming town.

5. New housing for the town centre

TVBC is keen to put people at the heart of the new proposals, and has allocated a number of houses and apartments to be built in and around the town centre. Some of these will be in the buildings replacing the Chantry Centre, while many are planned between Andover College and St Mary’s Church. These homes are hoped to increase footfall for the town, as well as helping to fund the project as a whole.

The plans, which have been in development for a year, will now be submitted to TVBC to be considered on September 28.

More detail of the plans can be found by clicking here.