The mayor of Tidworth has spoken out after reports that members of the public have started panic buying.

Posting on Facebook, Councillor Mark Connolly said: “People, please stop panic buying.

“There is no need for it and you are preventing elderly and vulnerable people from getting much needed supplies.”

The mayor’s comments come after supermarket chain Tesco announced today that it would be introducing limits on the number of certain items people can buy from its stores.

A three item per customer limit has been placed on flour, dried pasta, toilet roll, baby wipes and antibacterial wipes in order to avoid shortages.

Only on Wednesday, Tesco told the Advertiser that they continue to have good availability in stores and online and are not experiencing any shortages.

Yesterday (September 24), Morrisons also reinstated the rationing of certain items, with Calpol limited to just two items per customer, while essentials such as toilet paper, bleach and world foods rice are limited to three per customer, among other items.

The decision to reimplement restrictions on buying matches concerns local residents have had regarding possible panic buying in local supermarkets.

Our social media followers have reportedly seen shoppers stocking up on items such as disinfectant, loo roll and milk.