Plans have been submitted to extend the car park at Adelaide Health Centre to create new spaces for visitors and staff.

The proposals, submitted this week, will see the current 23 spaces expanded to 29, with area of the car park to the east of the building expanded slightly to achieve this. Spaces for doctors will be clearly demarcated, with signs reading “GP ONLY” to be installed.

On the other side of the health centre, a series of new bays will be created to serve the needs of electric car drivers, each of which will have its own electrical charging point. A new access road will also be created from Adelaide Road, while a turning bay will also be provided. There is the potential to turn this into three more parking spaces in the future if a first floor is added “in lieu of side extension.”

Under the proposals, two on street parking bays will be lost in Adelaide Road, while one tree will be removed to extend the carpark. However, new trees and hedges will be added around the outside of the car parks to provide screening from the road.

The plans will now be considered by Andover Town Council and Test Valley Borough Council.