Police have warned residents in Tidworth to remain vigilant after a man tried to gain access to a home while claiming to be from a local building firm.

The man, described as being “a white male, slim build in his late 40’s to early 50’s” called at a home in Avon Road around 13:15 on October 12. He claimed to be from a local building firm and drove an unmarked white van.

He tried to gain access to the property by claiming that he was trying to fix a bathroom window, but the homeowner said he was unable to produce ID and so was not let into the house.

They added that the building firm the man claimed to be from had said “no one was due out” to the address.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “Yesterday afternoon (12/10) we received a report about suspicious activity where a man, who said he was working for a housing firm, knocked on the door of a property in Avon Road, Tidworth, saying that he was there to do repair work.

“The occupant did not allow him entry and he left the scene. A subsequent phone call confirmed that the housing firm had not sent anyone to carry out repair work.

“The occupant did exactly the right thing in the circumstances and we would always urge people to be alert and cautious when dealing with cold-callers.

“Our advice would always be to not open the door to anyone you don't know or are not expecting, and if you have concerns please report them on 101 or via an online form on our website.”