I MET with Katie, the Andover Advertiser Editor on Friday, followed by photo shoots outside the Guildhall, and the White Hart on Saturday, supporting the Weekly Market on Thursday & Saturday, in addition to the Artisan Market on Sunday.

I’ve been making early litter picking walks in the town centre, supporting a friend with their hospital appointments and taking photos for the blog of assorted shops and businesses.

Alongside all this of course is the virus, which impacts on our daily lives in all manner of different ways.

There is simply no escaping the fact that we have the power in our hands to limit the spread and protect our loved ones and our neighbours in addition to our ourselves.

In a week when the state of the national economy is impacting on multinational companies to trim their cloths accordingly, it is ever more crucial that we look after our independent traders.

When one of those goes down, it is probably our lack of interacting with them, that has brought about their demise, whereas I’m sure you will agree, the same cannot be said about the nationals.

I’m conscious that our newspaper, like local businesses, depends on our custom, so I personally like to welcome all our new readers.

Stay tuned for another column