Police have issued a statement after a spate of attacks on vans over the weekend.

Four vans in Andover had their tyres slashed over the past 48 hours, with three having all their tyres damaged. The other only had one tyre damaged by vandals.

All four incidents took place during the night, leading police to advise van drivers to park their vehicles as close to their property as possible so they “can keep an eye on it.”

PCSO Lee Gardner, from Andover’s Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Over the last 48 hrs we have had four reports of criminal damage to vans in the Andover area.

“Three of these vans have had all of their tyres slashed and the other vehicle has had one tyre slashed.

“These incidents have taken place over night so If you own a van or you use a company van then we are advising you to park it as close to your property as possible so as that you can keep an eye on it.

“If this is not possible then try and park in an area with good street lighting. I know that the street lighting turns off around 1AM and comes back on around 4AM which is not ideal but it does act as a slight deterrent.

“If you drive a company vehicle then if possible leave it at your place of work.

“Dash Cams are an excellent device which can help with deterring persons tampering with vehicles. These devices work on motion, will record for a set time after the motion has stopped and are not too expensive to buy.”

Hampshire Constabulary advise parking vehicles in areas that are “well-lit and where people are walking and there is likely to be passing traffic.

“The busier the better,” they added.