PRICES of petrol and diesel fluctuate constantly and the nonstop change in price can make it quite difficult to find a place to fill up for less.

But this week The Advertiser has searched across Andover for the cheapest fuel prices.

So where are the best deals in Andover?

Using the website we have found the cheapest places to fill your tank up this week.

All prices accurate at the time of print according to the comparison site.

Andover Advertiser: (Image:

Tesco, Newbury Road

Petrol: 107.9p

Diesel: 112.9p

Texaco, Weyhill Service Station

Petrol: 112.9p

Diesel: 115.9p

BP, Munro’s Corner

Petrol: 113.9p

Diesel: 117.9p

Esso, Charlton Road

Petrol: 114.9p

Diesel: 119.9p

Shell, Weyhill Road

Petrol: 115.9p

Diesel: 119.9p

Martin’s of Andover, London Street

Petrol: 116.9p

Diesel: 118.9p

BP, Micheldever Road

Petrol: 116.9p

Diesel: 121.9p

BP, A303 Weyhill Services Westbound and Eastbound

Petrol: 128.9p

Diesel: 131.9p