Residents around the Anton Mill Industrial Estate have accused a telecoms firm of being “actively misleading” after the company submitted plans for a new mast on the site.

Following the rejection of plans for a mast on The Drove, Waldon Telecom has submitted plans for an installation at an alternative site in the industrial estate, located on a patch of ground next to Anton Vets and Energie Fitness.

The mast is intended to replace one at the McDougalls Silo, which will “potentially” be decommissioned, for MBNL, a company jointly owned by mobile operators EE and Three whose services will use the mast.

The plans consist of a 20m high mast, as well as eight cabinets and fencing for the site, which Waldon Telecom described as “tucked away” within Anton Mill Industrial Estate. However, the site is located on the extremity of the estate, with one resident saying that their house lies just 9m from the proposed mast.

“I’m staggered that they’d put it next to a residential development,” said Janet Tomlinson. “It beggars belief that this is the best place to put it.”

She also noted said trees which appear to be between her house and the mast on plans are “misleadingly in the wrong position,” with the trees not lying adjacent to her property. She also says she is receiving advice from a tree surgeon regarding the safety of the remaining trees.

Other individuals have also complained that plans are “misleading,” with Nick and Kelly Short saying that a statement that the mast cannot be seen from public roads or footpaths is “incorrect on every count” and “would be seen from the entire surrounding area.”

They also raised concerns that the patch of land where the mast is to be sited is a “wildlife corridor” connecting the River Anton to a nearby stream alongside the footpath.

“The Anton River is an important chalk stream which supports many species and is equally important to the local environment,” they said. “These few strips of green land are essential if we are to maintain the much-valued local biodiversity.”

Another resident, Mrs Leigh, concurred that the site would affect nature in the area, saying that the mast “goes against everything nature has given us.”

However, a comment on the ecology of the site provided to TVBC has said that there are “no concerns” the development affect protected habitats, species and sites of wildlife importance.

Responding to a request for comment from the Advertiser, a spokesperson for MBNL, said that they “undertake thorough due diligence when selecting suitable sites” and “will continue to work closely with the Local Planning Authority and local residents, many of which were consulted prior to our planning application submission.”

Responding to concerns their proposals were misleading, they said: “It is disappointing to hear that a resident felt misled by our proposal, we feel that the documents and photographs supporting the planning application are comprehensive and highlight the tree line, along with residential dwellings. This is public information and can be viewed on the Local Authority website.

“Our aim is for the community to enjoy high-quality and reliable mobile connectivity and the benefits that it brings in times where being connected to our friends and family is of such importance.”