ANDOVER firefighters rushed to the scene of a chimney fire on Wednesday night.

The incident happened shortly after 7pm.

Andover Fire Station said the incident was caused by fire from a woodburning stove.

The family realised something was wrong when their smoke detector went off, allowing them to call for help in quick-time.

A spokesman for Andover Fire Station urged the public to get their smoke detectors tested to help avoid incidents like this happening in the future.

A spokesman wrote: "This turned out to be from a woodburning fire. Crews dealt with the chimney fire using rods and chimney equipment.

"We also had Basingstoke Fire Station's aerial ladder platform appliance at the incident to provide access to the chimney. A 135ft ladder was also used to get access to the chimney.

"The family were alerted early on due to having smoke detection, have you tested your smoke detectors recently? Stay safe."

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