A FORMER town councillor has criticised the leader of Test Valley Borough Council for standing for another political seat.

As reported, Councillor Phil North will be standing for Hampshire County Council's Andover South seat in the elections in May 2021.

This is on top of his current role as leader of TVBC and as well as his wife, Cllr Kirsty North, and her position as county councillor for Andover North on top of her being a borough councillor too.

Reverend Andy Fitchett, who served on Andover Town Council for nine years, expressed concerns about democracy and a 'lack of plurality of thought' if one person holds "several key roles".

He said this wasn't about "slagging off" other political parties but expressing concerns about whether it is healthy for "significant local power" to lie in the hands of one or two people.

He wrote: "I don't think the borough council should be on other local authorities but focus on that vital role. I don't think it is healthy for local democracy. I do think each role will be done with less concentration and less care and that is bad for Andover."